I believe the Universe – your higher self – your God – wants to communicate with you.

Sometimes, in the midst of a busy life, the clues that are left on your path and the subtle whispers the Universe provides to help guide you aren’t heard or trusted, or are ignored or brushed aside.

I am available to help illuminate your path, and I am committed to use my gifts with cards and charts to decipher the messages your higher self – the Universe – is sending to you.

I have 40 years experience assisting querents in their search for their own personal truth. Please visit my pages and see if my perspective could be of value to you.

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  1. Candyce says:

    Cathy.. do you have your rates shared anywhere? I want to pass your info along 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      $60/reading is the usual donation ~ but I am flexible depending on what the person can afford and their need for a reading

  2. Lenora Smith says:

    Hope to see you Halloween..

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