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I began my study of the Tarot in Austin, Texas in 1972 under the tutelage of talented Mexican psychic, Maggie Dalton, after an electrifying reading that illuminated my path. At the same time I started reading “The Seth Material” and helped establish the Austin Seth Center, directed by Dr. Maude Cardwell. These two powerful women had a great influence on my life, and I will be forever grateful for their shared wisdom.

The art and science of Astrology came into my life while studying the cards – they are intimately intertwined. I had the pleasure of studying with hard taskmasters who required that students learn the math as well as the science and the art of interpretation. They introduced me to metaphysical studies, and even though it has been 40+ years, it feels like it was yesterday ~

As a natural consequence of my studies of ancient wisdom, I delved into the art and magic of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from the cellular core of plants, and I believe the oils can add a critical dimension to our mental, emotional and physical well being. The more I study and learn about aroma therapy the more I trust in the wisdom of the natural world and the healing power of plants, herbs and oils.


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