Principles of the Seth Material

The Nature of the Universe

1. Each one of us and every object we perceive is an expression of the life force of the universe. “God” is in us all.

2. The life force that composes All That Is, is loving, intelligent, infinitely powerful and eternal

3. All That Is expresses Itself as diverse entities, which, in their turn, give birth to less developed but creative beings. These may evolve from relatively simple states–like that of stones–into the “gods” that bring new universes into being.

4. All forms of the life force are, at least on a subconscious level, mutually aware of all other forms, and work together in continually changing but mutually beneficial harmony and joy, the “state of grace”

5. Human beings differ from many other forms of All That Is in that they have free choice. The so-called “fall of man” gave everyone of us the opportunity to become a conscious co-creator of the universe. As we learn to exercise free choice in beneficial ways, we make mistakes: (1) we may violate the body or the spirit of another being (animal or human); and (2) we may hold beliefs that blind us to the facts that we live in a state of grace, that we each have uniqueness and integrity, and that we create our own reality. Such violation of another being and such blindness are the only “sins” we can commit. We are “punished” for them by our resulting inability to sense our state of grace. On a subconscious level, though, we know that we are always in that state, and even our mistakes will ultimately work for good.

6. “Evil “–for the person who produces it–is, therefore, any act that bars that person from the state of grace; it is temporary. The effect of evil upon other people is to serve as challenges to further growth, challenges that all of us have full capacity to meet. This is true even when the evil seems to be a product of non-human causes, like a storm.

7. The world of the five senses that each person can perceive is his creation in response to ideas that he holds. We sense the same world jointly because, at least on a subconscious level, we know all the thoughts that people we are with are thinking, and because, again on a subconscious level, we agree with them to share this world. Thus, we create our own reality.

8. Each of us attains our goals by our adoption or rejection of beliefs. It is important to become aware of our beliefs so that we can discover if we truly want to have them take on concrete form within our physical environment. —If we do not want them to create the reality we are familiar with, we can replace them with a better set. In this way, we can make our lives–individually and as a group, society, nation, and the world–whatever we desire: paradise!

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