In ancient times divination was the art of consulting the gods, or divinities, who, it was thought, would offer guidance through the use of oracles. The modern day oracle, using the Tarot cards as keys, can provide the same service: an opportunity to receive guidance from the Universe, your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, or however you name that essence of Spirit which is outside the realms of modern day life.

The Tarot is a collection of symbols. The symbols, or archetypes, provide a link to the subconscious, where a psychic presence tunes into the whispers of the Higher Self. The cards are a set of tools used to connect with the forces of the Universe. When a psychic communicates what she sees in the cards, the client’s world opens up, she sees through a different lens, and her burdens can be lifted, her challenges faced, her questions answered, and her life changed. I do my best to illuminate the issues a person is facing as part of a process, and bring peace and a sense of hope to the individual who comes to me for help.

First time readings include a birth chart which I use to evaluate the client before we meet. I provide readings in person if possible, or by way of a computer connection or by phone. Please contact me for an appointment.

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  1. Deborah Logan says:

    I found you listed on the Seth Network Directory. I have just acquired the Seth material – but I am very familiar with the concepts as my philosophical beliefs are matched as I am a Religious Scientist. Last year I has a birthchart and astro-cartography chart done. It did shed some light on self aspects – however, since then I now have my exact time of birth. I’m very interested in learning more about this work.

    • admin says:

      I would be glad to help you with both Seth and Astrology… Seth stated in one of his books that Astrology as it is often presented, i.e. the position of the planets in the Universe causing a particular behavior or being responsible for a Leo being theatrical or a Capricorn being a banker, are pure rubbish. I agree. I use Astrology as a tool to connect with the Universal subconscious, so to speak, not as an imprint that brands the baby as soon as it pops out… Ha!
      I believe you choose your birth situation, and the position of the planets and time of birth are clues you leave yourself when you come in to this reality as to what talents and challenges you choose to deal with in the present moment and in this birth life.
      If you would like me to create and discuss your chart with you I would be happy to work with you.

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